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We started as Patty’s People Pictures, never expecting all the amazing things to come. By designing and physically creating patriotic aerial people pictures, we visually expressed something near our hearts. We support our brave troops and the sacrifices they and their families have made, aiding them in whatever way possible and showing our love of community by facilitating this with the use of local schools. Instilling this love of community and our country within the youngest members of our community.

BuffaLove was conceptually created as an outward expression of our love for our hometown and the community within it. For six years, we were able to join together with like-minded individuals to create a human BuffaLove. As Buffalo's spirit is unparalleled, we want to help share that spirit within our community and around the world by tangibly spreading BuffaLove. In addition to our retail and online store, our products are sold in numerous retailers, such as Wegmans, throughout Buffalo and the Northeast through our wholesale business. 


Dream big with us! 

Whether you reside in Buffalo or abroad, Buffalove desires to

instill and ignite a love for our beautiful city and its revitalization.

Have a question for us? 

Call: 716-926-6387


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